Doctor Who Primer: Season Six

check this link right here now REMEMBER: I will be spoiling things like when characters enter and leave (but not how), when a new Doctor appears, and a few character/alien names. If you want to remain unspoiled for everything, I recommend you get off the Internet right now and don’t come back until you’re done. Seriously.

Season Six

buy lasix with paypal General Notes: Season six has a lot of really great episodes, but the major plot point is not my favorite. Still, there are many character and story reveals in this season, so pay attention. This season is also very easily spoiled.

5×14 – A Christmas Carol: I missed this episode because it’s another that doesn’t appear in the Netflix lineup. Unsurprisingly, it plays out kind of like A Christmas Carol.

Comic Relief Short – Time
Comic Relief Short – Space

6×01 –  The Impossible Astronaut: Part 1 of 2. Amy, Rory, and River are summoned to a reunion of sorts.
6×02 – Day of the Moon: Part 2 of 2. The Doctor investigates the Silence. Prepare for a million unanswered questions.
6×03 – The Curse of the Black Spot: Now for something completely different. Pirates!
6×04 – The Doctor’s Wife: Neil Gaiman’s first script for Doctor Who. Tissue alert.
6×05 – The Rebel Flesh: Part 1 of 1. I don’t think any good can come from naming something, “The Flesh.”
6×06 – The Almost People: Part 2 of 2. This and the next few episodes all tie together. Note this episode ends in a cliffhanger.
6×07 – A Good Man Goes to War: In which Rory is a badass and the Doctor is tricksy. ALSO ends in a cliffhanger of sorts, though not quite like The Almost People.
6×08 – Let’s Kill Hitler: This is why Amy and Rory can’t have nice things.
6×09 – Night Terrors: Don’t watch this in the dark. Also be ready for creepy dolls.
6×10 – The Girl Who Waited: Amy gets separated from the group in a wibbly wobbly timey wimey way. Tissue alert again.
6×11 – The God Complex: This place is one part spaceship, one part Hotel California.
6×12 – Closing Time: The Doctor visits Craig (The Lodger) to see how he’s doing. No motives here, not at all.
6×13 – The Wedding of River Song: Time is collapsing, the Doctor is being held prisoner, and eye patches are in season.


6×14 – The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe: My favorite Christmas special, involving a crash landing and a promise.

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