DIY Dog Toy: The Crinkly Snowflake

can i get cytotec without rx When it comes to making dog toys for Topher, I usually start with either a basic shape that I want to make, or some kind of toy-related need I want to fill. As the weather turns colder, we spend more time trying to tire Topher out indoors (much to the dismay of our hardwood floors). Since it gets darker earlier, our after-dinner hour has changed from throwing toys to Topher outside, to throwing toys for Topher inside. And the things we throw outside—his squeaky egg, usually—are not conducive to indoor play.

order no prescription Maxalt So, I set out to make a stuffed disc of some variety that would toss well indoors—a toy that you could throw without feeling like you were about to knock over a vase or picture frame at any second. This crinkly snowflake toy is another easy toy to make, and only takes about an hour or so, depending on your skill with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.


  • Two 8″ circles of denim
  • One 8″ circle of white felt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Pins (optional)
  • Mylar emergency blanket (for crinkle)
  • Polyfiber filling



1. Cut your fabric into circles. I chose to lay a pasta bowl onto my denim to get a consistent circle, though you may want to make your felt circle an inch or so smaller so it will fit on the front side of the denim.

2. Freehand or trace a snowflake shape onto your felt, and cut out. I freehanded a fairly simple snowflake shape, because the felt was too thick to fold over and cut out a snowflake shape like you’d do with paper. You could also draw on a more complex snowflake, but then you’ll spend a fair amount more time cutting it out.

3. Pin your snowflake to the front side of one of your denim circles, and straight stitch to attach.

4. I decided to leave a frayed edge on my snowflake toy, so I laid my two denim circles with the right sides facing out, and straight stitched around the edge, leaving a two inch gap for filling.

5. Fill your toy with a mix of polyfill and mylar blanket pieces, until you have the firmness you want. You could also add squeakers, if you so desire!

6. Sew your opening closed, and you’re done!



1. You can also cut out a second snowflake out of a second piece of felt, if you want to put one on both sides of your toy.

2. If you want a clean edge instead of a raw or frayed edge like the one shown above, lay your denim circles right side in, sew around the edge and leave a gap, and then turn inside out before filling.

This toy is definitely not the most indestructible by far, but it’s a great after dinner, indoor fetch toy for Topher to have fun with, which is exactly what I wanted out of it. What indoor toys does your dog love best in winter?

Lucy Bennett

Lucy is a writer, artist, and Hufflepuff currently living in Atlanta, Ga. When not making things, she enjoys costuming, tabletop games, and digging in the dirt.


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