Topher’s Top Ten: Dog Gear We Can’t Live Without

Over the years, we’ve amassed quite the hoard of dog gear. Even after we’ve cleared out and donated what doesn’t work for us, the fact remains: owning a dog comes with a hefty amount of accessories! Some of which—now that we’ve owned a dog for a number of years—I don’t think I could live without. Every dog owner has their favorites list in their mind: the dog gear they’d recommend to anyone thinking of introducing a dog into their lives. Here’s what makes my list, every time.

Looking for dog toys for heavy chewers? West Paw Design has exactly what you need!

A Heavy Duty Chew Toy (or Five)

We’ve spoken at length about how Topher is a very heavy chewer. This isn’t to say he’s been destructive of our own property—far from it, in fact—but when he gets a toy, he usually destroys it. He loves to chew, rip, and tear, so he needs toys that we stand up to the abuse. (Or toys we don’t mind seeing destroyed.) We’ve tried a variety of brands over the last two years, but there are only a handful of toys we feel measure up to the tenacity of Topher’s chewing.

Kong Extreme Toy, Large ($9.14)

Hurley Dog Bone, from West Paw Design ($10.95)

These homemade greenies are a great beginner recipe for vegan dog treats.

Drool Worthy Treats

Training is a near daily occurrence and we have treats on hand 24/7, thanks to BarkBox. We love the variety BarkBox brings, but I always try to have a few of Topher’s known favorites for sessions where we really want him attentive and working. Topher’s favorites tend to be the stinkiest ones, of course. I’m smitten with Bixbi’s treat lineup, so we keep them in stock. The Pocket Trainers are a great size when you don’t want to overfeed treats during longer sessions, and Topher has deemed their jerky to be quite drool-worthy.

Bixbi Pocket Trainers, Peanut Butter ($10.76)

Bixbi Chicken Jerky Treats ($12.99)

What's the best chew for heavy chewers? We love bully sticks! Why you should include this natural dog chew in your toy/chew rotation, on Good Dogs & Co.

Healthy Chew Options

Remember how Topher is a heavy chewer? Well, that means edible chews don’t last very long either. We’re not willing to sacrifice quality for chews that may last forever (ahem, rawhide) so we’ve done some serious testing on what types of edible dog chews work for us. We give Topher bully sticks for the majority of his chewing sessions—we’ve had the most success with them. The occasional bone (non-smoked!) or himalayan yak chew shows up in our house too: they last longer, but they’re also pricier options so we use them more sparingly.

18 Pack of 6 Inch Bully Sticks, from Best Bully Sticks ($39.99)

Himalayan Dog Chew, Large ($8.51)

For those in Atlanta: City Dog Market is a great place to get bones for dogs, they carry a few varieties that are never smoked. 

Dog + Bone Black Label

A Durable Everyday Collar

We switched to using martingale collars with Topher, and never went back. They work well for us, but limit our options as far as style. This is a portion of why I sing the praises of Dog + Bone all the time. They have a style that can’t be beat in addition to being ridiculously durable.

Forest & Brown Martingale Collar, from Dog + Bone ($35.00)

The weather is warming up, and we're getting ready for a spring and summer working on our new dog training goals.

Washable Bedding

We haven’t found the one ring of pet beds, but there’s one rule in our house that all dog beds must meet: machine washable covers. If I can’t take a dog bed cover off and wash it, that’s a death sentence. I don’t care how fancy the dog bed, we have to be able to wash it or my allergies will slowly begin plotting my untimely demise.

Right now we buy pet beds from Overstock because they offer good quality at a lower price. I’m perpetually on the hunt for a quality dog bed that stands the test of time (at a not obscene price point), but unfortunately I’m not sure if such a bed exists.

Busby Medium Dog Bed, from Overstock ($50.64)

Exercising With Your Dog: Beyond The Walk

A Multipurpose Leash

Another piece of dog gear in constant use is our Halti leash. It’s worked for us for every walk and in every combination of collar, halter, and harness we’ve ever used. Should it ever break, I’ll be buying five more. Maybe ten. Just so I can have one on hand for the rest of my life.

Halti Training Lead in Black ($10.79)

Four reasons why we absolutely adore BarkBox!


We mentioned Barkbox above, but it really deserves it’s own special mention. Our BarkBox subscription supplies a few bags of treats and a few toys every month for far less than each individual item might cost in a store. It saves me from impulse buying cute toys at the pet store…okay, it saves me most of the time. Plus, most of the toys they’ve sent recently are about 1000% cuter than anything we’ve seen in stores, and you can quote me on that.

Get 10% off BarkBox when you use the code GOODDOGSCO

What dog gear makes your top ten list? What couldn’t you live without?

Lucy Bennett

Lucy is a writer, artist, and Hufflepuff currently living in Atlanta, Ga. When not making things, she enjoys costuming, tabletop games, and digging in the dirt.


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