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Hi there. I’m Lucy. I’m an artist, editor, writer, and all-around team player. Currently, I am the Deputy Editor for A Practical Wedding, where I manage content and deadlines alongside a team of fabulous, talented women. Sometimes, it’s a little like herding very stylish, feminist cats. Sometimes, that’s why I love it the most.

In 2014, I co-founded Good Dogs & Co., a site for the modern dog owner. Over there, I write a lot about my dog (and your dog!), and we share stories geared towards improving the pet-owning community.

I’m also available for freelance design, writing, or consulting opportunities. You can read more about what else I do for a living over here.

I live in Atlanta with my husband, two cats, and our dog Topher. I spend a considerable amount of my free time dabbling in fiction writing and working on various unfinished novels. When not coming up with weird self-challenges, I marathon TV shows or play board games. I love making nice things for nice people, and I think most people are nice people, so basically I like making things for everybody. I also ramble. I’m a nerd about a whole lot of things, and I think being a nerd is awesome.


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