Adoption Stories

Choosing Topher, Choosing Adoption

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to own a dog. It’s a pretty standard dream for any kid: the puppy that follows you wherever you go, sleeps with you at night, and is your partner in crime in all your escapades. However, that dream never came true for me – there were just too many hurdles. Too many kids in the house, allergies, too many other activities demanding attention, and too much time away from the house. By the time dog ownership became a reality for me, I was in college. I still wanted a dog, of course, but my dream had shifted a bit from the childhood fantasy. It had come a little closer to reality. Owning a dog in college seemed more of a hassle than anything – there was no way I could give another living thing the attention it deserved in that kind of an environment. I resolved to wait a little longer.