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Advice for Future Dog Owners: What We Wish We Knew

So you’ve done the research, you’ve saved the money, and you’re ready. Ready to take the plunge into the fun and furry world of dog ownership. You know everything there is to know about getting a dog.

Or do you?

No matter how prepared we think we are, dogs are living beings. Their personalities, their entire lives can be as unpredictable and nuanced as our own. As dog owners, we’re learning new things about our animals (and about dogs in general) even now, three years later. What about you?

We decided to put together some advice for future dog owners, from current dog owners. Here’s what we wish we knew before we got our dogs, and what some of our community members learned along the way!

Two Years with Topher

This past Monday marked two years since Topher’s adoption day! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we were introduced this skinny pup named Grant on a hot day in August. Two years and 45 pounds later, he’s a smart, goofy, and hugely challenging dog who we love to pieces.

Owning Topher has made me a more educated and dedicated dog owner than I ever thought I would be. Not to mention, he’s changed my life in weird and wonderful ways. Here are just a few things we’ve learned or discovered in our last year with this silly pup.