Capri House

Meet Topher

When this cute face popped up on Facebook late Thursday morning, I found myself hesitating rather than scrolling by. Later, I couldn’t bring myself to close the tab. One very long gchat with my husband and eight hours later, we were out picking up a collar and toys and food bowls. I feel like that’s how adoption works (at least shelter adoptions), no matter how long it’s been since you’ve decided, yes, you plan to get an animal, it kind of blindsides you. Or maybe that’s just us: both our cats were also spur-of-the-moment adoptions.

A calico cat sits on a window sill, meowing at the photographer.

First Time Home Buying in Ten Easy* Steps

Follow these steps exactly for a successful, quick home purchase within mere months of your wedding!** 1. Grow up in the housing market. Via osmosis (and time spent playing hide and seek during open houses), learn that this business is a tangled mass of paperwork and redundancies. Sometimes, even the people steering you through the process aren’t quite sure how it all works. Learn from your mother, the realtor, that home inspections will always turn up building mistakes and closing dates are a rapidly moving target. Learn from your stepfather, the mortgage broker, that you always keep more paperwork than you think you need: someone’s going to want to study it before approving your loan. Learn from your father and stepbrother, the house flippers, that almost anything can be fixed given money and time, contractors will cut corners if it’s not going to up the home value, and sometimes you find...

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