Happy Third Birthday, Topher!

Tomorrow, Topher turns three! Last year, on his second birthday, I mused something very specific.

So this year, I am wondering what the next year will bring us. Though, I know now that we can handle it, I do kind of hope it’s a little less eventful. Or, I hope it’s eventful in entirely new, different, and less trying ways. We’ll see what happens. I think it’s going to be great.

Well, has it been great?

Topher’s Second Birthday

Last year, when I wrote Topher a small letter for his first birthday, I didn’t really stop to wonder what the upcoming year would bring. When we decided to adopt a dog, grand adventures (things bigger than your average hike or road trip) weren’t really anywhere on our list of reasons why. I figured Topher’s second year would play out about like our first few months had: fun, but not especially eventful—he would settle in, and be our dog.

A Year with Topher

Over the weekend we “celebrated” Topher’s adoption day! Rather, we gave him some fancy food, and bought him a new collar and bed that we’ve been putting off. Regardless, it’s been a year since we got him, and I’ve been reflecting on the past 365 days with my pup.

When we went to see Topher, the Thursday before we adopted him, his name was Grant. He was skin and bones, almost twenty five pounds lighter than his ideal weight, but still the sweetest, happiest dog you could hope to meet. After filling out his initial adoption paperwork, Bryan and I spent the rest of the evening at the pet store, debating the finer points of crate sizes and discussing name options. In retrospect, Appa would have also been a good name, from among the ones we were considering.