10 More Indoor Activities for Dogs

If you live anywhere along the east coast, you might be continuing to deal with some of the fallout from winter storm Jonas. While we were nowhere near snowed in, the sudden drop in temperatures sent our little family into hibernation mode. Topher included! Considering how quickly a few days without walks can turn even our couch-potato of a dog into a whirling dervish, we’re quite lucky not to be trapped in our house or digging our yard out of a mountain of snow. For those of you who are stuck, or waiting for your dog to end their next poop strike, today we’re bringing you a bunch more indoor activities for dogs to ease your boredom.

Is Your Dog Bored?

Working from home has given me a view into the daily life of dogs…and it’s not exactly thrilling. Mostly, Topher just sleeps all the time. He sleeps in the bedroom for an hour, then takes a lap around the house to check in with the cats. After that, you’ll usually find him sleeping on the couch, maybe watching the squirrels in between naps by propping his head up on the back pillows so he can see out our front window.

Part of me wonders if Topher is just bored during the day. Boredom can actually be a big source of stress for dogs—they crave having something to do, both physically and mentally. If you’ve ever returned home and find your house has been torn apart, or perhaps a fluffy dog bed spontaneously combusted, then its pretty likely that your dog is bored. (They may also suffer from separation anxiety, but that’s an article for another time.)

So, what’s the cure for doggy boredom? How do you keep them entertained so they won’t start investigating the interiors of your couch cushions? Here are a few things you can try to keep your pup more entertained while you’re away.

10 Rainy or Snowy Day Indoor Activities For Dogs

February has not been kind when it comes to weather. Here in Georgia, the weather has been dreary and cold—it’s been cloudy and/or raining most of the month. Other areas have it much worse, and I know many folks who’ve been inundated with snow for weeks now, or stuck indoors because it’s just so cold outside!

Unfortunately, our dogs don’t tend to change their energy levels when play time or walk time is hampered by enormous snowdrifts or torrential downpours. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, your dog has to find a way to release his excess energy—and hopefully not in a way that includes chewed shoes. So when the weather is looking rough and your pup won’t stop begging for playtime, here are some indoor activities for dogs you can turn to.

Exercising With Your Dog: Beyond The Walk (Or Run)

Last week we talked about getting fit with your dog by taking advantage of the dog walk, and how to run with your dog. However, there’s no need to limit yourself (and your pup) just to walks around the block or runs in the park. Dogs crave adventure, and many breeds are perfect hiking, biking, in-line skating, or swimming buddies.

You get to decide what forms of exercise you want to pursue with your dog. Although jogging and walking are the usual paths many owners take, there are many other workouts you and your dog can do together, and some of these can be used to vary the workout routine to prevent boredom for either of you. Variety is very important to ensure that your dog isn’t overworking some muscles at the expense of others. Here are some great workout options for exercising with your dog.

Exercising With Dogs: Getting The Most Out Of Your Walk

Our Fellowship of the Dog challenge might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped exercising with our dogs! Like approximately 50% of the U.S., I too resolved to be more fit and healthy in the new year. While I’ll be incorporating non-running workouts into my weekly routine, there’s no reason for me to leave Topher’s walks out when it comes to my fitness plan! When you consider how exercising with dogs can help you get fit, lose weight, and have fun in the process, the extra pit stops for your pup are a worthy sacrifice.