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13 Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

It’s officially the first week of spring! In spite of the late cold snap, I’ve been enjoying throwing open the windows and getting more fresh air and sunlight into our house.

However, with more sunlight and fresh air comes the realization: everything we own is currently buried under a nice layer of dust and animal hair. The hairballs in the corner might be gearing up to claim the guest bedroom once and for all. Combine this with the unreal levels of pollen beginning their usual spring build up and it’s a miracle my allergies haven’t permanently swollen my eyes shut.

Time for a little spring cleaning? Sounds about right.

Spring cleaning is always a little different when you have pets. Even with a daily or weekly cleaning schedule, the dirt, dander, and fur from our animals builds up over time, creating smells and films that are less than pleasant in the bright springtime light of day.

We’ve compiled a list of cleaning problems unique to pet owners, and we’re giving you 13 cleaning tips for dog owners to tackle each one and leave your home looking and smelling amazing.

Declutter Your Dog Supplies In 5 Simple Steps

I always enjoy the opportunity that springtime brings for doing a bit of decluttering around the house. Giving things a thorough cleaning always makes me feel a little bit better about my surroundings. Plus, it’s a great way to clear the air as it gets warmer, and it tends to help my allergies, which take a hit in the spring.

For some reason last year, I didn’t think to include cleaning out Topher’s stuff as a step on my spring cleaning list. But this year, you can tell that we have an abundance of clutter when it comes to dog supplies. Collars, leashes, worn out toys, half used grooming supplies, and it’s all a bit of a mess. So if you’re in the same boat as me and looking to clean out that corner of your house dedicated to your dog, here are five simple steps to help you move through it quickly and efficiently.

Roundup: The Best Chews For Dogs

Chewing is an important part of a dog’s health. It keeps their teeth clean and their minds occupied. Doling out appropriate chews can even help keep your dog from chewing on inappropriate objects. A dog busy with a chew is a pretty happy dog, and less likely to cause mischief!

However, everything your dog puts in their mouth can also contain some potential to do harm. They might break a tooth, choke, be allergic, have some sort of infection, have trouble with digestion, and probably even more things I haven’t thought to list. Despite the risk, letting your dog to chew is a natural behavior, one that it’s important for your dog to engage in. Not giving your dog things to chew can sometimes result in your dog finding their own: furniture, your shoes, sticks, or even rocks!

Below are my thoughts on the best chews for dogs, listed from our favorites on. Hopefully this information will help you make an informed decision about what you can give your dog to chew on.