6 Tips for Winter Dog Grooming

Just as winter can be harsh on our own skin, hair, and nails, the same can be true for our pets! In many ways, grooming during the winter months can be more important to the overall health of your dog than at any other time of the year. An improperly groomed dog can make for an infection-susceptible dog. Winter hazards to your dog’s coat and skin include:

  • Cold weather, snow, and ice
  • Dry, forced-air heat indoors
  • Salt and sand on sidewalks
  • Dampness and wind

Grooming isn’t just for keeping your dog pretty and smelling nice, it can also be crucial for your dog’s good health. here are six winter dog grooming tips to help you and your pup combat winter blues while ensuring your dog stays comfortable, dry, and healthy!

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears: 5 Things You Should Know

As the weather here becomes more unpredictable, so do Topher and I’s allergies. While it’s sometimes pretty amusing that the pair of us suffer through allergy seasons together, it’s less so when Topher begins to itching his ears enough to put little scratches all over his forehead. We do a number of things to keep both of our allergies under control during season changes—from keeping the house clean to making sure we wipe off Topher’s paws after walks. Another way can keep our dog way more comfortable and less itchy is to regularly clean his ears, something that we tend to overlook when it comes to grooming.

Because a dog’s ear canal is more curved and twisted than a human ear, it’s very easy for parasites and bacteria to hide in the ear and thrive. Infections can easily result from dirt trapped in your dog’s ear, and this is especially true of dogs with allergies, or dogs whose ears fold or flop over and completely cover the ear canal.

Treating A Dog’s Tear Stains

Staining is a common annoyance for any owner of a light colored dog. Keeping that stark white fur clean can be a challenge, even when your white dog happens to be Topher, hater of all mud and soggy places. (Unless there are ducks. He will follow ducks anywhere.) But our biggest challenge with keeping Topher clean isn’t just a matter of watching out for mud, it’s tackling his tear stains.

Eye discharge and tear stains are very common problems with certain breeds of dogs. But what causes these issues, and how can you work to reduce or remedy them?

Preparing Your Dog For Winter

Winter can be the best time of the year, or the worst time of the year, depending on your dog. You could have a pup who, much like Archer or Topher, loves playing in the snow and doesn’t mind the cold weather. However, no matter your dog’s feelings about the weather, even breeds bred for colder climates need to be prepared for winter. So, what should you do to help prepare your dog for the coming winter?