Apple & Cranberry Dog Treats

buying Quetiapine Happy Thanksgiving! Bryan and I will be spending today jumping around between our parents’ houses, and probably stuffing ourselves with more food than is ever healthy (ah, the American way). Unfortunately for Topher, our parents’ houses are not especially visiting-dog-friendly, so he has to stay home with only the cats to entertain him. I was feeling a little bad for Topher last weekend, so I decided to whip him up these apple and cranberry dog treats so he could have fun, Thanksgiving-themed treats stuffed in his toys when we leave.

Dog Owner’s Guide: Basic Dog First Aid

where to buy real viagra cialis online In addition to being a bit of a lunatic about other dogs, Topher is pretty clumsy. He sometimes clunks his head into doorjambs when he’s tired, slides off the couch when he’s sleeping, or cuts open a paw pad while running around like a crazy loon in the backyard. Needless to say, we’ve learned a fair amount about at-home, basic dog first aid in our first year owning a dog. Today, we’ve put together a basic guide for handling small incidents at home. Let’s start with assembling your own dog first aid kit.

Crunchy Carob Dog Treats

Last week, Topher and I took a little break from our daily walks—his collars sit right where the bite wound from his incident is, so we’ve been letting him roam the house without them in the name of healing. By the time the weekend rolled around…I was a little stir crazy (meanwhile, Topher has enjoyed his new sloth routine). So I cleaned our entire house top to bottom, and, upon realizing I still had plenty of time left in the day, I decided to make some dog treats. Productivity!

Yogurt, Blueberry, and Basil Frozen Dog Treats

Even though I’m only in my first summer of dog ownership, I’m already pretty in love with frozen dog treats. They’re so easy! Mostly, I’m just enjoying finding new ways to combine dog-friendly ingredients together, and playing mad scientist. Combine that with keeping a backyard garden that we recently harvested a huge basket of basil from, and you’ve got me, trying to find every possible dish I can make using said basil. Now, that includes dog treats, because why not?

Recipe: Banana Ginger Dog Treats

Just like Ivana, when it comes to making Topher treats, I’m all about looking into new ingredients whenever we get low on the last batch. After trying my hand at a variety of veggie-filled treats, I decided I too would turn to the world of spices for inspiration, with ginger standing out as an interesting flavor that I had yet to try in a dog treat. To add a little bit more nutritional value, I threw in a banana and started experimenting.

Turns out, I’m really good at coming up with dog treat recipes that should also be cookie recipes. With this ginger treat, I think I’m about one cup of sugar away from a delicious cookie, so maybe I’ll try that next time I make these.