How to Catch a Stray Dog

Have you ever encountered this scenario? You’re out and about, perhaps walking your own dog, or simply exploring and enjoying your neighborhood. Then out of the corner of your eye you catch it: a dog running loose. A wandering dog—whether stray, lost, or recently escaped—faces many dangers: vehicle traffic, the potential for injuries and illnesses, or even predatory animals. Life on the streets is no life for dogs or cats, but catching a stray dog can be very tricky.

Here are some tips so, the next time you encounter a wandering pup in your area, you can learn how to catch a stray dog. With some luck and a little preparation, you might even turn a dog’s entire life around.

What to Do When You Find A Lost Dog

A missing dog is terrible ordeal for any owner—an experience no one wants to go through if they can help it. Unfortunately, sometimes pets go missing even with all we do to prevent it. When you come across a dog that may not be a stray, but someone’s lost pet, it’s critical to do everything within our power to reunite the pet with their owner. Of dogs lost, 49% of owners were reunited with their pets by searching in their neighborhood, with 15% of the dogs being recovered because they were wearing some form of ID or had been microchipped. Only 6% of dog owners with lost animals were reunited with their dogs at a shelter.

Do you know what to do when you find a lost dog, to give it the best chance of being reunited with its owner? 

Advice for Future Dog Owners: What We Wish We Knew

So you’ve done the research, you’ve saved the money, and you’re ready. Ready to take the plunge into the fun and furry world of dog ownership. You know everything there is to know about getting a dog.

Or do you?

No matter how prepared we think we are, dogs are living beings. Their personalities, their entire lives can be as unpredictable and nuanced as our own. As dog owners, we’re learning new things about our animals (and about dogs in general) even now, three years later. What about you?

We decided to put together some advice for future dog owners, from current dog owners. Here’s what we wish we knew before we got our dogs, and what some of our community members learned along the way!

10 More Indoor Activities for Dogs

If you live anywhere along the east coast, you might be continuing to deal with some of the fallout from winter storm Jonas. While we were nowhere near snowed in, the sudden drop in temperatures sent our little family into hibernation mode. Topher included! Considering how quickly a few days without walks can turn even our couch-potato of a dog into a whirling dervish, we’re quite lucky not to be trapped in our house or digging our yard out of a mountain of snow. For those of you who are stuck, or waiting for your dog to end their next poop strike, today we’re bringing you a bunch more indoor activities for dogs to ease your boredom.

7 Ways to Have a Safe and Happy Halloween with Your Dog

Ah, Halloween. That one time of year when putting your animals in clothes is not only acceptable, but encouraged. (At least, encouraged by some. My husband, on the other hand, is not as agreeable.) Plus, there’s candy and costumes! However, while Halloween can be a fun-filled holiday, it can also be stressful for your pets. Here are a few tips to ensure your dog enjoys Halloween just as much as you do this year.