Make a Dog Friendly Popsicle & Keep Cool This Weekend

Here at the Bennett house we tend a little backyard garden during the spring and summer months. While we make good use of most of what we grow, we are only two people. So by June of every year, without fail, the herbs we’ve planted have typically grown into giant bush monsters. I’m not sure what it is about our backyard that makes it perfect for parsley…but y’all we have enough parsley to feed an army.

This year, I’m enlisting Topher’s help in eating and using more of what we grow. Since most of the herbs we grow are safe for dogs to eat, I decided to make him a green smoothie dog friendly popsicle to keep him cool while we play outside. The mix of mint, parsley, and basil is great for freshening breath, which is a nice bonus! This recipe is also easily scaled up to make lots of treats, if your yard is as flush with fresh herbs as ours.

If you think a dog friendly popsicle will make too much of a mess…you’re probably right. This is not an indoor treat by any means. However, this blended mix of herbs is also a great starter for baked, homemade greenies, another breath freshening option that won’t ruin your carpet!

Vegan Dog Treats: Homemade Greenies

It’s our first treat of the new year! I can never go without baking for very long, but I’ve been a little bit gun shy about baking in general, since the first weekend of the new year. Our oven experienced a runaway heating event and turned what were supposed to be delicious bacon cheddar muffins into…well, very crispy, way over baked bacon cheddar muffins. I wasn’t as concerned about the muffins at the time, considering my oven was raucously beeping at me like it might be counting down to a bomb explosion.

We’re hoping that the oven error was nothing more than a rogue, one-time mishap; in the meantime, I thought I’d foray back into my baking habits with a dog treat recipe. After all, Topher would likely still drool uncontrollably for even the crispiest of dog treats, all oven mishaps be damned. Enter: these delightful vegan dog treats!

While these treats may not have the plaque-fighting capabilities as your dog might get from chewing on a Greenies dental stick, the parsley-filled morsels will certainly freshen up your pup’s breath! The dough mixes up delightfully fast and is really easy to work with, which makes it a great beginner treat to try on the weekend if you’re new to our recipes or the homemade treat game in general.

Apple & Cheddar Dog Treat Recipe

Every year, Bryan and I host Friendsgiving on the weekend after Thanksgiving. It’s a way to celebrate Thanksgiving with our close friends, some of whom can’t make it home for the holidays. Everyone brings a dish to share, and we spend an evening eating too much and enjoying each other’s company. After all, that’s what Thanksgiving is about, isn’t it?

Since poor Topher doesn’t get to join in eating all that delicious food, I decided to make him some new “Friendsgiving” styled treats for the occasion. Hopefully it helps him stay out of the kitchen! (Unlikely.)

So while you may be spending this Black Friday morning doing some holiday shopping, consider heading home a little early to make your dog a little treat for being such a good sport about not counter-surfing for your Thanksgiving dinner. (Unless they actually did counter-surf, whoops!)

Doggy Fries: Sweet Potato Jerky with Coconut Oil & Turmeric

Oh how we love the humble sweet potato. It’s so versatile! When it comes to dog treat recipes, it’s no wonder that we’ve made at least six different dog treat recipes featuring sweet potatoes. And we could probably come up with a dozen more!

This sweet potato jerky recipe was dreamed up as an alternative to plain, boring sweet potato jerky. We’ve been baking lots of sweet potato fries for ourselves over the summer, so why not make some fries for Topher too! The recipe is super simple, and perfect if you’re just starting to contemplate making your own dog treats.

Buckwheat, Basil, and Blueberry Dog Treat Recipe

It’s that time of year again, the time where my backyard garden is beginning to wind down and the farmer’s markets are exploding with in season fruits and veggies. This week, I found myself with a ridiculous amount of basil, and enough blueberries to make something fun for Topher. After all, next Monday is the anniversary of his adoption day! Treat yo’ dog.

I’ve already made some frozen blueberry basil dog treats, so I figured this time I’d bake some. I was really hoping they’d be purple, and I was not disappointed!