Want the Best Chew for Heavy Chewers? Try Bully Sticks!

Because of Topher’s intense chewing habits, we’ve tested just about every chew on the market. If we can get at least thirty minutes out of a chew, we’ll call it a success. Note: there are very few natural chew options that can last thirty minutes.

After two years or testing and trying, we’ve found a good rotation of a variety chewing options for our power chewing dog: from real bones, to Nylabones, to occasionally letting him chew the stuffing out of his toys. But our favorite chew, by far, has to be the bully stick.

An Ode To West Paw Design’s Zogoflex Toys

When you own a dog who’s a heavy chewer, you come to realize a few key things. One, the cuter the toy, the more likely it’s going to be destroyed in under a minute. Two, there is simply no stuffed toy on the planet built to withstand their jaws. And three, chewable toys that actually live up to their “indestructible” name are worth their weight in gold, and should be cherished.

Which is why I just continue to be amazed and impressed by West Paw Design’s Zogoflex line of dog toys. We recently received their Tizzi dog toy in our June BarkBox, and it’s holding up wonderfully! So here’s my ode to West Paw Design’s Zogoflex dog toys, one of the best lines of dog toys for heavy chewers we’ve ever encountered.