9 Ways to Ease Noise Anxiety in Dogs

With July 4th right around the corner, many of us are gearing up for a weekend of outdoor fun topped off with a good show of fireworks.

Unfortunately, others are anxiously preparing for their least favorite day of the year: when the sounds of fireworks send dogs of all shapes and sizes cowering into corners and bathrooms across the U.S. I count ourselves lucky that Topher seems to have no negative reaction to fireworks or thunder, having seen first hand the kind of deep anxiety these noises elicit in other dogs.

Here are a few things you can do to help ease noise anxiety in dogs, especially around the holidays that involve fireworks.

Make a Dog Friendly Popsicle & Keep Cool This Weekend

Here at the Bennett house we tend a little backyard garden during the spring and summer months. While we make good use of most of what we grow, we are only two people. So by June of every year, without fail, the herbs we’ve planted have typically grown into giant bush monsters. I’m not sure what it is about our backyard that makes it perfect for parsley…but y’all we have enough parsley to feed an army.

This year, I’m enlisting Topher’s help in eating and using more of what we grow. Since most of the herbs we grow are safe for dogs to eat, I decided to make him a green smoothie dog friendly popsicle to keep him cool while we play outside. The mix of mint, parsley, and basil is great for freshening breath, which is a nice bonus! This recipe is also easily scaled up to make lots of treats, if your yard is as flush with fresh herbs as ours.

If you think a dog friendly popsicle will make too much of a mess…you’re probably right. This is not an indoor treat by any means. However, this blended mix of herbs is also a great starter for baked, homemade greenies, another breath freshening option that won’t ruin your carpet!

How to Catch a Stray Dog

Have you ever encountered this scenario? You’re out and about, perhaps walking your own dog, or simply exploring and enjoying your neighborhood. Then out of the corner of your eye you catch it: a dog running loose. A wandering dog—whether stray, lost, or recently escaped—faces many dangers: vehicle traffic, the potential for injuries and illnesses, or even predatory animals. Life on the streets is no life for dogs or cats, but catching a stray dog can be very tricky.

Here are some tips so, the next time you encounter a wandering pup in your area, you can learn how to catch a stray dog. With some luck and a little preparation, you might even turn a dog’s entire life around.

What to Do When You Find A Lost Dog

A missing dog is terrible ordeal for any owner—an experience no one wants to go through if they can help it. Unfortunately, sometimes pets go missing even with all we do to prevent it. When you come across a dog that may not be a stray, but someone’s lost pet, it’s critical to do everything within our power to reunite the pet with their owner. Of dogs lost, 49% of owners were reunited with their pets by searching in their neighborhood, with 15% of the dogs being recovered because they were wearing some form of ID or had been microchipped. Only 6% of dog owners with lost animals were reunited with their dogs at a shelter.

Do you know what to do when you find a lost dog, to give it the best chance of being reunited with its owner? 

Topher’s Top Ten: Dog Gear We Can’t Live Without

Over the years, we’ve amassed quite the hoard of dog gear. Even after we’ve cleared out and donated what doesn’t work for us, the fact remains: owning a dog comes with a hefty amount of accessories! Some of which—now that we’ve owned a dog for a number of years—I don’t think I could live without. Every dog owner has their favorites list in their mind: the dog gear they’d recommend to anyone thinking of introducing a dog into their lives. Here’s what makes my list, every time.