Diligence vs. Drive

Hustle. It’s been talked about at length here on APW, what it means to be a hustler: the drive, the well of pure rage that fuels you. Merriam Webster defines hustle as a transitive verb, meaning to move or work in a quick or energetic way. That is so not me. Flipping through the highlights of my life, you would see someone who does not fit the definition of hustle. Growing up, my nickname was Poky, and for good reason. I talked slowly. I walked slowly. Everything I did, I did at a snail’s pace. For awhile, teachers tried to explain my pace as ADHD: I couldn’t help it, I just got so caught up in how many things there are to look at, smell, or touch when walking down the hallway between class and recess that I couldn’t be counted on to pay attention to how quickly lines moved. But that...

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It’s About Options

On December 23rd, 2002, we got a phone call from my dermatologist. The biopsy we’d basically begged her to take came back positive. Melanoma.  My bout with cancer was brief, compared to most. It lasted only months before remission was declared and my future felt more secure. It’s funny how people minimize their experiences, and I’m no different. Still, this post isn’t meant to be about my “little” bit of cancer. It’s meant to be about my hair.