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DIY: Make A Reversible Dog Bandana for Any Holiday!

bactrim costo For the last few years, I’ve been happily subverting Bryan’s “no dog costumes” rule for Halloween, something I’d planned to continue this year. But as the holiday has gotten closer, I’ve been a little stumped for costumes and a bit shorter on time than usual, with Bryan now in school for his master’s degree, and lots more family outings in the mix than in other years. sort Also, we can’t dress Topher up and take him anywhere—he would be too uncomfortable, which would only increase his potential to react poorly. This is why we just share the costume photos with the internet, so Topher can stay happy and relaxed at home.


bystolic price initiate So instead of a costume this year, I’m going to show you how to create a reversible dog bandana, something you can make for any holiday to let your pup in on the festivities.