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13 Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

It’s officially the first week of spring! In spite of the late cold snap, I’ve been enjoying throwing open the windows and getting more fresh air and sunlight into our house.

However, with more sunlight and fresh air comes the realization: everything we own is currently buried under a nice layer of dust and animal hair. The hairballs in the corner might be gearing up to claim the guest bedroom once and for all. Combine this with the unreal levels of pollen beginning their usual spring build up and it’s a miracle my allergies haven’t permanently swollen my eyes shut.

Time for a little spring cleaning? Sounds about right.

Spring cleaning is always a little different when you have pets. Even with a daily or weekly cleaning schedule, the dirt, dander, and fur from our animals builds up over time, creating smells and films that are less than pleasant in the bright springtime light of day.

We’ve compiled a list of cleaning problems unique to pet owners, and we’re giving you 13 cleaning tips for dog owners to tackle each one and leave your home looking and smelling amazing.

DIY: Make A Dog Bath Towel With Pockets!

Whenever I start thinking about making something new for Topher, it’s usually because there’s some need I’m looking to fill. Spring and summer always bring a lot of thunderstorms for us, which means more puddles and mud for Topher to get in during our walks, which means more quick rinses with the hose, or full baths on the weekends.

Towel drying Topher isn’t especially difficult, since he’s a short haired dog, but our bath towels always end up half on the floor by the end of the drying process, where they sop up extra water and the dirt that just got rinsed off Topher. It’s annoying! There are some good dog bath towels on the market, but I was pretty sure I could make my own out of one of our current “dog towels” for free. And I don’t know about you, but I love just about anything I can create for free!

If you can sew a straight line, you can DIY this towel. Plus, this dog bath towel has pockets, which makes drying off your dog basically a million times easier.

Getting Rid Of “Dog Smell” Between Baths

We don’t bathe Topher very often. However, even when we do bathe him, he finds some way to get smelly as soon as possible. I think that’s just the nature of dogs—they constantly trend towards smelliness.

I decided that I would try out some measures towards getting rid of that dog smell in between baths. Just wiping Topher down with a damp cloth didn’t really do much, so I looked into dog-safe ingredients that I could make into some kind of spray, and found a few options. Now, Topher smells as fresh as a daisy! Well, a lavender-scented daisy.

Here’s what I used to get rid of Topher’s dog smell between baths.